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A Brief History About VERSATILE

Vesatile - 'First To Mass-Produce Four-Wheel Drive Agricultural Tractors'

In Versatile's second year in the market they sold more four-wheel drive Ag tractors than any other maker appearing to outsell the rest of the entire industry.  It was all a matter of the right product at the right time.
Around 1964, Peter Pakosh and Roy Robinson determined that a popularly priced articulated four-wheel drive would be just what farmers were needing.  They decided to put the D100 into production.  All the early Versatile machinery was very basic, built to do the job, built to give good service, and built to sell at a price the mainstream farmer could afford.  The same approach went into the building of the first Versatile tractor. 

Versatile:  "four-wheel drive" at the price of a two-wheel drive.  The Versatile tractor offered simple articulated steering, standard hydraulic actuated brakes, lots of gears (12 speeds forward, others offered only 6 or 8) and a good hydraulic system.  The Versatile tractor was easily repaired.  It did not have to be split or any other major component removed to replace the clutch, remove the transmission, remove the engine or repair an axle. 

Versatile was the first to attain sales in excess of a few hundred units per year but more importantly it is the market for four-wheel drive, which Versatile opened.  Historically, farmers have been leary of new machines produced by newcomers.  The swathers, grain augers and other equipment produced by Versatile was known to be good equipment and well priced.  This quality and competitive pricing may have been what was attractive about the Versatile's new tractors.

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